Welcome to La Teta’s blog, which is primarily  dedicated to gluten-free baking.

I  don’t have Celiac disease, but my son and my husband were both diagnosed with it.

That is when I first had the idea to start a website  devoted to delicious gluten-free recipes. But soon after my younger son was born and I didn’t have nearly enough time to do it.

But things take time, and I had during these years I had enough time to try different combinations, explore the market, and discover what truly are the best things for a gluten-free diet.

Just when I got used to things, everything was turned upside-down by the diagnosis of my younger son. he was diagnosed with an alergy of milk protein, so most recipes here are also milk-free, and as an added bonus without refined sugar. I understand that not everyone wants to invest in  expensive substitutes, so the recipes are written with modifications for the use of regular sugar .Interestingly enough many of these recipes are also vegan, because they are egg free.

You might wonder why  I decided to start this site.  When I first heard of these diagnoses, I thought that nothing would be different. I thought I could just change classic flour for gluten-free flour. But that was a big mistake.

After one  weekend spent in the kitchen I began to despair. None of what I cooked could even be considered food. I had a child at home who did not eat well even before the diagnosis and I needed to cook a meal that would nourish him but I felt that my work so far had made no difference. And that was really challenging.

So I sat at the computer reading many discussions about gluten free recipes. To my horror I read that a many dishes could be not cooked in gluten-free form.

 I looked through all the Facebook pages and couldnt believe my eyes about what people are willing to accept about what they eat. For me it was totally unacceptable. Just like the gluten-free puff pastry that is sold in shops is supposed to be good, but it’s just not. Clearly others were just willing to accept it. But not me.

My battle with gluten-free ingredients began, and I think, it has been successful. So now  you understand my mission and journey.  If you want to learn something,  don’t want to compromise good food and ingredients and you don’t mind trying something new, then try it with me.

I try to make common recipes and edit them so they are Celiac friendly, I try to explain every step clearly, and use only the most essential ingredients. I’m not saying it’s always easy, but we can do it together!